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General heron & egret information


Ciconiiformes - Ardeidae - Herons & Egrets

General heron & egret information - Night heron

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General heron & egret information - Night heronGeneral heron & egret information - Little Egret

Wild diet: Carnivorous - generally aquatic prey; fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, small mammals and various aquatic invertebrates. Studies have shown that adults fish eating species need to consume around 16% of their body weight. Captive Grey Herons require 330 - 500g of food daily as a minimum

Feeding strategy: Capture prey in or beside water Generally stand motionless next to water, waiting until prey item is close enough to spear with beak Cattle egret will follow large mammals, feeding from disturbed insects & prey items.

Species dietary differences: Cattle egret, Whistling & Black-headed herons feed further from water.

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