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If you know of any nutritional information, links, papers or references that are missing from this resource, do please get in touch so the information can be added to this resource.

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Submit Your Diets

If you have found this website of value and have diets you think would be of value to others please get in touch.

Diet plans can be submitted in either a Word or Excel document format.

Please ensure the following information is included within your diet plan.

  1. Species - common and scientific name
  2. Year first used
  3. Institution/individual name
  4. Diet ingredients and amounts
  5. Number of birds diet is for
  6. Research used to formulate the diet, including references where available
  7. Have you had any dietary health issues whilst using this diet?
  8. Have the birds successfully bred?

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Please ensure you have permission from your institution before submitting any information.

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