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Blue-bellied Roller

Coracias cyanogaster

Coraciiformes - Coraciidae - Roller

Blue-bellied Roller - Blue-bellied Roller

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Blue-bellied Roller - Blue-bellied RollerBlue-bellied Roller - Blue-bellied roller

Wild diet: Large invertebrates & small vertebrates, occasionally nuts of oil palm. Recorded items include grass hoppers (30% of prey) beetles, long wing termites, ants, earthworms, skinks and small snakes.

Feeding strategy: Forages from perch, after spotting prey on the ground, flies down ending in a fast glide. Most food is caught on the ground.


Wild data

Handbook Of The Birds Of The World. Vol 6. Mousebirds to Hornbills, Lynx Edicions, Barcelona

Captive data information

Examples of diets in use

Please note these diets are examples of diets in use by individuals and institutions for your information. This information may not have been scientifically proven, but is compiled here to give individuals an informed view from other people's knowledge and experiences.

Diet from Gary Bralsford

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Diet established ?
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Any Nutritional related health issues experienced whilst using this diet

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Family specific diet studies / intake studies

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